Coating Maintenance Programs Ziegler Industries has extensive experience in organizing facility wide coating maintenance programs.
Tank linings Examples: Trowel applied FDA linings, FGD Scrubber linings, 100% solids spray applied plural component coating application, Fuel and Highly Corrosive material linings.
Floor Coatings Urethane concrete, chemical resistant flooring, concrete restoration, thin film floors.
Secondary Containments Trowel applied linings, fiberglass mat reinforced linings, 100% solids spray applied plural component materials.
Fireproofing Including intumescent fireproofing, cementicious fireproofing
Lead Abatement SSPC QP-2 certified in lead abatement, experienced abatement on various types of industrial structures, tanks and equipment,
Abrasive Blasting All types of recyclable and disposable abrasive. Blast media used includes sponge, soda, walnut, corn, wheat, steel shot/grit, slag.
Plural Component Application Extensive experience with Polyurea and Elastomeric polyurethane, 100% solids materials, and other specialty coatings, variable ratio (1:1 to 10:1)